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In 2010 I was in the Greek army when I decided to pick my family up and move in Maine, US. My interest were caught at Aquaponics which I started studying. After the implementation of a few systems I realized that even though Aquaponics was so interesting, it was not a sustainable system back then. Somehow this led me to Permaculture which gain my attention 100%. I started to study only science-based topics of Permaculture. At the same time in 2010 my wife and I opened and operated a restaurant which we closed in 2012 in order to do something with our lives that would not have to keep us away from our young children, something that would really make sense. I was still studying Permaculture, while I started researching some of the tools that I could use in a Permaculture designs. Anaerobic digestors, biochar, aquaponics, composting, raised beds, minimum-till farming, forestry, soil biology, mycology and a lot more got my attention. I was focusing in facts where science could backup avoiding strong belief systems. I decided that I wanted to start a farm and put in practice what I have learned, with the long term goal to create a Permaculture Demonstration site. Coming from Greece where knowledge is limited, I wanted to create a place where I can help people unlearn all these practices that destroy our ecosystem and are there only to empty the pockets of the farmer. In 2015 after some struggle I managed to finance a 65ac parcel of forest where I started my farm. Currently I farm with a BCS walk behind tractor a 2ac plot. I was researching tools that I could build on my own in order to make my farm operation more efficient when I found OSE. That was a moment in my life that put together my love for our planet with the love of engineering and physics. Construction and fabrication of tools that can help not only my farm but my local community was now an option. Having not even a screwdriver in 2010, slowly I acquired some basic tools that allowed me to do various tasks, from building a farm shed and installing all the plumbing/electrical/septic systems up to drilling my own well. In 2016 I expanded my farm with hi-tunnels and started logging as a winter-crop for firewood and mushroom inoculation. I am looking forward to learn the Freecad as I need to create a firewood processor for my logging operation.