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Hello everyone!

It's Ruben Cebrian Dominguez. I live on Zaragoza, España.

I'm going to use this page to try some things and to improve my "Wiki-skills".


I'm really interested in all relative to Open Source stuff, and most specially, to self-sufficiency. I'm currenly researching about alternative training, as Gaia University. If you know something about this or someone who could give me some info, please, send me an e-mail to the lower side adress.


I have finished (or I'm currently studying) the following studies:

General Certificate of Education (GCE) (2009-2011) [UK equivalency for: Bachillerato Tecnológico]

Certificate of Higher Education (HNC) [UK equivalency for: Ciclo Formativo de Grado Superior ]

Electrical & Automated Systems (2000h) (2011-2013)

Educational establishment: CPiFP Corona de Aragón

Electronic Maintenance (2000h) (2014-actualmente)

Educational establishment: IES Pablo Serrano

Other interesting education

  • TECHNICAL SOLAR ENERGY INSTALLATIONS (Thermal & Photovoltaic) (100h)
  • TRAINING DAYS: High impact training on relational skills (32h)
Educational establishment: ITAINNOVA
Teacher: David Criado

Working experience

I've been working in a electromechanical test lab since 2013. The main tasks I perform are:

  • Product validation & Analysis
  • Prototype Test & Analisys
  • Destructive Tests
  • Climatic Tests
  • Performance analysis
  • 2D & 3D measurement (with manual Coordinate-measuring machine, CMM)
  • Creation of piece drawing, by CMM measurement
  • Specific tests, special conditions under client request
  • Specific quality controls
  • Procedure & equipment design.


LinkedIn: Ruben Cebrian Dominguez (