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After reading about the idea of a torch table, and thinking of how it could be implemented, I came quickly to the conclusion that a large proportion of the work required to build the torch table is actually not specific to cutting metal at all, it is to move a tool (in this case an Oxy/Acetalene or Plasma torch) around 3 axis, x y and z.

So, if your going to go to the trouble of building an x, y, z table why stop at torching? Why not build it in such a way that multiple tools could be used with the same table? In addition to a torching some tools that come to mind are: Welder, drill press, grinder but if you additionally extend the use of the table to using wood well then you can add; circular saw, router, nail gun, jigsaw? sander?

I guess what I had envisioned would be a hot swappable tool set. Each tool would have a generic coupling mechanism that would allow for electrical and or hydraulic power. The tool set would sit within the x, y, z table's work area (albeit off to the side) so that the table's movable head could move to the "tool box" drop the tool it was already holding and pick up a new one.

The upside to designing the table like this is it's ultimate flexibility. The x, y, z capability is built into the table, not into the tool which means reusing the table for different purposes is easy and cheaper than redeveloping a new complete table for that purpose.