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The newly uploaded pic on the Microtrac page is the first crude representation of the second Microtrac prototype. I hope to build this thing during my visit to FeF this summer. I have no shop experience but am eager to learn. I have direct interest in seeing this finished and using it in an urban market garden in Dallas possibly setting up a shop and producing GVCS tools. After discussing design improvements with Marcin this Sunday, we decided to shorten the length of the quick connect wheel module to decrease the base width from 60" to 36-48". We will also be using straight loader arms. I chose to use the bent loader arms in this drawing because it was easy to download the module from Dorkmo's 3d warehouse account. The person in the picture is 6'7". I will be uploading the refined .skp file for those of you who want to contribute and develop the design. Thanks.