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Note: Need to add Subcategories to this page - which are nested categories within categories.

Categories are tags that index all pages marked with that tag on the same page. All pages marked with a particular category can be seen on one page. See Category: Wiki for an example where all the pages tagged with the Wiki category are then indexed on one page. This makes it easier for people to find content related to a topic or category.

Categorizing pages

Categorize pages using the official list of categories. Stick to these categories where possible; don't create new categories unless there is a real need.

Categorize pages by placing the Breadcrumb template at the top and passing the category name as parameter. At the top of a page about beekeeping, you would write:

{{Breadcrumb|Food and Agriculture|Beekeeping}}

This will do two things:

  • insert a navigation menu at the top, and
  • put the page in the appropriate wiki category
If there are other categories that a page could belong to, just add them at the bottom of the page as such:
[[Category: Category name]]

Linking to a category page

To link to a category page, prepend a colon so that the parser sees a link instead of a categorization. For example, writing

[[:Category: Wiki]]

will produce the following: Category: Wiki

To change the appearance of a category link, append a vertical bar and the desired text to display, as such:

[[:Category: Wiki|new text]]

This would yield the following: new text

Style conventions

Always put a space after every instance of Category: so that keyboard traversal is kept easy.


The following pages help in the maintenance of categories.

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