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Sun Jan 12,2020

The first version of the UA part of the D3DU is complete. Transfering to the build manual.

My comments, doubts, and suggestions are inside the document.

Thu Jan 09,2020

The UA section of the D3DU manual is almost complete.

Outstanding issues:

  • Need a thorough review. Some small details here and there need to be addressed.
  • Need to check the Motor plug placement.
  • Need to check the endstop placement.
  • Need to discuss the overall design and standardization of the manual.
  • The bed part needs to be done.

That's it for today.

Wed Jan 08,2020

Working on the UA manual section of the D3DU. Work in progress...

Mon Oct 14, 2019

Today I began building the first prototype of the D3D Simple/Universal arm, based on the information from the D3D 18.10 manual

  • Check the new designs for the axis from Israel (and everything else!)
  • The assembly and alignment of the rods needs to be better explained, and needs to be underline the need for a good flow of the carriage

Notes and continuous modification on: Doubts:


Wed Oct 02, 2019

D3D Manual, first contact. Changing stuff towards 3D Simple while waiting for the components to arrive.

Aim: to precisely follow the design and structure of the original OSE D3D Manual as possible.


  • check optimal fill rate for 3d printed parts: 20% as the default.

Fri Sep 20, 2019