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Your Open Source Ecology Wiki is very nice. Since the late 1980's I have been interested in the very subjects your wiki is developing resources on. I found out about it from the luf-team mailing list on Yahoo, a forum you might be very interested in:

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I just found this site today - it really looks like the beginnings of a real "open source everything" project. I'm surprised I hadn't heard of it yet. <>\


Don't forget to visit these LUF Sites! LUF Team LUF Home LUF Website Other sites: OTEC News

Here are sites and forums I manage and develop:

Permaculture Wiki Appropriate Technology Mailing List Machinist mailing list Permaculture mailing list Seedkeepers Mailing List Agriculture, Market Farming & Permaculture Venaura Farm

I too am developing both a wiki and a blog. The primary topic is permaculture and lots of subcategories will be included. I will include links to your sites on the home page and have already posted about them to all my mailing lists. I am a market farmer and am using innovative and experimental methods for raised bed production. See my blog for pictures of the equipment used to improve soil quality and create very large raised beds.

I posted some of this info to your blog tonight. I need to update that entry with the more complete list of links above. Please add this information to your Wiki and Blog if it fits your needs.

Thanks and best of luck.

Lawrence London Venaura Farm Chapel Hill NC

Hello Marcin:

I am at 919 260 3030 cHAPEL hILL nc 27516 I do not have skype set up - do I need this? or does skype patch your digital voice communication to the cellphone network?

I have a friend in Missouri, Chad Knepp, who is homesteading with a community somewhere in the rural part of the state. He is a brilliant programmer and has a lot of homesteading skills. He started an open source permaculture database years ago that evolved into a Wiki run by the PFAF people in England. My Wiki and other work is independent of theirs.