Ventilation (Architecture)

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  • The introduction of outdoor air into a space, mainly for improvement of Indoor Air Quality , but it can also furfill the roles of Heat Control and Humidity Control to a certain extent
  • Essentially the introduction of "Fresh Air" (And also the removal of "stale air" )
  • Can be as simple as an openable window (with screens), a Windcatcher , a Solar Chimney , or complex with mechanical systems (+ combinations of these)


Artficial/Active Ventilation

Natural/Passive Ventilation

  • Passive Ventilation is essentially anything that happens without any major system
  • So windows, doors, movement of occupants etc
  • Windcatchers and Solar Chimneys are kind of a grey area, but count
  • For optimal effect requires optimization in the buildign planning phase, and/or user effort
  • May not be as precise/maintain the same conditions

Mixed-Mode Ventilation

  • Mixed-Mode Ventilation is essentially just some combination of the two above methods
  • An example would be a house that has a ducted HVAC system, but also openable screened windows

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