Very Cunning Plan

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Study plants intensely and acquire stock and seed to start a Community Supported Nursery via a self-sustaining enterprise plan of simple plantout + propagation workshops + Breeding Work. Explore Afforestation startup. Start Miracle Orchard. Build house with Aquaponics, as an open source business model. Roll out agricultural machinery via production workshops. Include GIS, FreeCAD, Blender, LibreCAD, SweetHome, Scanning, Rapid Prototyping, Natron, Kdenlive, Recording Studio, and Graphic Design software. Bring in 6 student pilot when ready. Take MicroHouse/Aquaponics, CNC Torch, Power Cube/MicroTrac, Gasifier, 3D Printer, MicroCar, CEB Press, and Drone into Production. Do Pellet Production, Char Production, brick, lumber, metal rolling, compost, and lumber production as onsite enterprises. Farm manager is funded through Open Source Nursery workshops, and Workshop Manager is funded by running workshops. This sustains a video producer to make OSE News.