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Hello, I just discovered the existence of this inspiring, innovative group. I tried to log in (my mistake) and then realized I needed to create a new account. It wouldn't let me. I would very much like to read about the development of an appropriate technology machine to create freeze dried fruit powders. Can you help me? (I'm definitely not a heavy weight when it comes to computer technology, but I am working in the Peruvian rainforest and we really could use such a machine. I'd be willing to make donations to help it happen. Thank you, Viana Muller


You do not need to log in to view the pages, just to edit.

We don't have the freeze dried fruit powders machine. But, if you could help us do some research by sending links to existing machines, that could help. We just don't have enough people here yet, though this may change soon. You can also consider finding somebody to help on this project, and referring them for a 1 month development project on the machine - with us at our facility in the USA. You can view for our status.

What you see at

is all empty - it needs to start being filled in. Existing machines could go under Industry Standards.