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  • Great alignment - says I'm prolific -
  • Studies creativity and innovation, was an envi chemist before.
  • Richard Heinberg - Think Resilience - on commmunity resilience - he features GVCS and mentioned me by name. Has an excellent blog, for Post Carbon Inst
  • Tuscon AZ = Victor's location
  • Next 6 months - bring forth a community resilience plan.
  • Local grant program for minority run businesses - set them up with our tech
  • Excellent place to do CEBs -
  • Podcast - Last Born in the Wilderness - Patrick Farnsworth - would be a great podcast
  • Remember to follow up with Buddhist Geeks 2 mentioned podcasts
  • Functional Yoga Therapy - his wife does. Mentor is developer of Functional Yoga Therapy. Both PhDs. Maria is his wife. -
  • Maslow - took all motivation theories and then put them in one.
  • At end of his life - he said, wait, there is self-actualization - then self-transcendence. Alignment with nature - is bliss.
  • I'm creating a society of Natural Humans - Home Naturalis
  • Homo Naturalis Apertus!
  • Sme.png
  • Extreme Enterprise - interested in giving 24 hours to it.
  • Taught a personality course. If we are driven by safety, accomplishment, esteem - where are our personal differences?
  • There is a higher calling - but most people don't know what it is?
  • Knowing what motivates at the highest level is critical for people.
  • Victor does - Guided exercise: completely immersed and lost in the moment. Try to get exactly what about that experience made them so motivation.
  • I am inspired by - prosperity for all.
  • In inspiration - we get out of heads - we connect to our bodies.
  • Repose - lie like a starfish - 30 days - 7 minutes per day - and it transforms them.
  • Einstein - power walks and taking long walks.
  • Book - The Way of Play - immersive play to clear your head. Never understood that play must be - non-competitive, not taxing.
  • Kate Bradley - microloans
  • Repose:
  • OSE_Chapters_Proposal