Victorian Farm and Edwardian Farm

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These two are hugely popular historical documentary TV series from the BBC. Ruth Goodman is a British historian focused on domestic life. Alex Langlands and Peter Ginn are both archeologists.


If we want to be successful in building 21st century neo-subsistence, we should first try to understand how life used to be. And a good place to start is rural life in the 19th and early 20th century. We can then try to sort out:

  • what worked then... how and why
  • what we can add today (advances in scientific and technical knowledge, communications tech, cultural changes (=mindset), etc.)
  • and what may work in the future.

Related to these documentaries are "Victorian Pharmacy" and "Tales of the Green Valley", also with Ruth Goodman.

Victorian Farm (2009)

Filmed in Shropshire, England: start here 1/36:

Edwardian Farm (2010)

Filmed in Devon: start here:

Victorian Pharmacy (2010)

also Filmed in Shropshire, England: start here:

(Youtube links are functioning as of 17 Jan 2011)

Tudor Monastery Farm (2013)

Tudor Monastery Farm