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This is a short video of the torch table operating. I am using it to test the way videos are embedded on the wiki. Having the video on a separate page like this and then embedding it on other pages via the template substitution mechanism will allow us to put wiki-markup about these videos on these pages (letting us put them in categories, discuss them, etc) without cluttering up the pages the videos appear on (or entering the page in a category when really we wanted to categorize the video). Note that this video page itself is in the category 'Torch Table', however embedding this video on another page (such as the main page) would not automatically enter that page in 'Torch Table', which is the correct behavior. Also, this will automatically wrap the video in the universal subtitles code so that anywhere you embed it on the wiki it will be subtitled.

To include this video on another page you add the following wikicode where you want the video to appear:

{{:Video:Torch Table Motion}}

Notice that you need the leading colon before the Video namespace as well as after it. I think if the LocalSettings.php file is changed you can allow the Video namespace to be template substituted and then this leading colon could be ommitted and the code would just be {{Video:Torch Table Motion}} like any other template. Whether the change to localSettings.php is made or not, since it is using the template expansion mechanism of the wiki it will support additional options so you could also have ways of making the code produce just a link to the wiki page for the video, or a link to the site where it is hosted, or both (but not having the actual video load on the page where you embedded it, just the links). You can also link to the videos with the normal [[ ]] linking mechanism if you wanted to just do a wikilink only.

I plan to use a secondary, templated page for making these video pages more user friendly, right now I am just making sure the system works as expected and doesn't break something.