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The Theory

The term "videobridge" as opposed to "videoconferencing" signifies that there is something happening at local scale, which we are simply enhancing (or enabling) by a "bridge".(while a videoconference is primarily an event in virtual space. Television in two generations life has shaped methods of transmitting content and atmosphere of events that can be applied by skilled people at local level to share and connect learning communities. That could be a lecture at a university or at a conference, or a special meeting on a special subject, or simply a come-together of a local group. At the other end of the line there are complementary activities. Thus a videobridge is simply the enhancment of the possibilities of a local (mostly educational) place by tying in happenings from elsewhere or sharing local events with those elsewhere

Existing Problems

While Videobridges can dramatically expand the learning opportunities in any given place, there are some obstacles:

  • availability of broadband connection in rural areas
  • price of hardware involved
  • ability of local institutions to serve manifold educational needs
  • incentive to produce quality content

Proposed Way

There are two common things that we wish to avoid:

  • expensive technology TV Cameras, Director, professional cutting place
  • dull technology Videoconferencing as usual with one camera with remote control

We want to examine in particular, how the (cheaper) digital medium with its features (relatively small and flexible produser input devices, mixing of data and video streams, and many other things) can be used to transmit "feeling" and content of an event in the best possible way.

There are many preconditions, some met, like having a good video beamer and a sound system, but we need to experiment with diverse input devices (scaler, mixer, webcams, DV-cams) to achieve optimal input output relations (and especially the necessary compression/transmission speed to have truly interactive events.)

For the receiving and showing of a quality videostreams besides the computer a beamer and sound system is necessary

For production and live interaction there is a need for a streaming encoder and a mixer etc.

We are targeting the goal of an "Open Virtual University of the Villages", coordinated and open content in a large community of local educational institutions.

Related Existing Work

This will take some time to document, but there is a lot.

Related Existing Data

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Existing constraints

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Related Existing Work that Argues Against

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Facts and Data

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Brief Summary

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