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From a conversation with Brian Beck:

Yes, 1080x30 fps is standard. And standard ​output is webm, unless you have suggestions.

For the script template - I put some notes there -

Does that make sense?

Regarding my video (see 2 videos at FreeCAD 101)- I have eliminated all dead space - and it is fast paced - but, say if you played that video at 10x speed reduction - that video should be completely for newbies. I took great pains to include EVERY SINGLE STEP explicitly in my video. For which reason I claim that a newbie could follow - but maybe with the stop button every 5 seconds. Maybe that's the disclaimer: this video is fast paced, so, you will need to hit 'stop' every 5 seconds.

Here is another example of what we are looking for:

An excellent example - zero dead space, no single comment of excess - perhaps one or two unclear statements. But overall an amazing and comprehensive job. Once again, fast paced, but absolutely every single step is included. This type of effort requires 3-4 hours per minute of video produced - AFTER the script and voiceover are available.

I don't think you have to cut down the content in your video - just write a tight script, and just edit out all dead space. That means that you have to plan carefully what you're going to say and how you're going to say it - and more importantly - what can be left out withing diminishing the educational value.

My style of tutorial came out of a great frustration that a majority of FreeCAD videos took an hour to communicate maybe 5 minutes worth of information, or 15 minute videos had only 1 or 2 minutes of info. Multiplied by thousands of viewers - that's thousands of hours of time stolen from viewers. I'd like to not do the same thing in our teaching videos. It is harder to make a video shorter than to make it longer. Indeed it is. If I recall correctly, it took me about 4 hours of edit time per minute of video produced, after I had the script.

Do you think you can do a tight edit where you select carefully and eliminate unneeded material ruthlessly?