Video Production Plan for Tristan Dec-Jan 2013

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Agreement Dec 1


I am excited about your video production plan, to follow up, here's a summary of your commitments. We forgot about all the HabLab and Construction footage (digging, stucco, backhoe, hotel rooms, stove, water well, water well digging, workshop stucco, burying house foundation, pressure tank by well, etc). Can you commit to a HabLab video for your last week in January as a Plan B if the Guatemala gig does not pan out for Plan A?


  1. Video shoot - Tue, Dec. 4 - Power Cube. Prepare set on Monday, Dec. 3. Video has tight script on assembly procedure. Disassembly is captured as well, but not part of video. Both time lapse and regular video captured for both. Video due Saturday, Dec. 8 for Sunday morning blog post.
  2. Video shoot - Mon-Tue Dec. 10-11. CEB decon recon. Disassembly captured as well. Both assembly and disassembly happen in time lapse and regular video. Video - has tight script on assembly procedure, no disassembly for videi or controller build. Controller build will be left for another time. Keep it shorter rather than longer (I would say 5 min, which is probably harder than a 10 minute video) - due Sat, Dec 15, for publishing for Sun morn blog.
  3. Video shoot - Mon - Tue Dec 17-18 - production run and prep. Dec 19-20 - edit of the OSE Christmas Gift to the World video - 1 day production documented.


  1. Video 1 - William Neal/China/Africans replication story of CEB press. Due Monday, January 7 for Tuesday morning blog post.
  2. Video 2 - LA replicaiton story video shoot. If LA gig does not have the tractor deployed at the farm, it's not to be done. Backup: 2nd edit of FF footage to generate a nice philosophy of OSE video - primarily Marcin, James, Tom. Due Mon. Jan. 14 for release on Tue morning.
  3. Video 3 - Guatemala replication story. If not available, do a video on Conastruction update. Published Mon Jan 21, published for Tuesday morning blog post.

Let me know if this is consistent with your notes - and if you're accepting to do the construction video if Guatemala doesn't work out.


Response, Dec 2, 2012

Yep - thats consistent.

I supposed I could shoot some more material of the Hablab before xmas to make a more 'up to date' video of Hablab if Gautemala falls through (since I'll be in CO from xmas onwards).