Video Script Template

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  1. Screenplay: write down what images, graphics, graphs, videos, and content would be included as the visuals during the time that the words are spoken.
  2. TEXT column is the actual wording. Write it, lock it, trust it. Lock it - stick to your script - if you find yourself changing the script during practice, that means that your script is not finalized, and you should keep finalizing until you don't veer off your words. This is because the best words are well thought out - so writing them down is the best way to capture the best thoughts. The script must also be natural. If it sounds stilted, change it to be more natural. Practice, and then lock it, and then trust that the script has the best choice of words. See
  1. Sounds or music - what sound effects or music to use for the production. Links column can link to those sounds or music.
  2. Link column - any links to content, images, other videos that show specifically what you want to communicate
  3. Time - time how much time the segment takes. So you can gauge the length of your video and don't spill a 2 minute idea into 5 minutes, or a 5 minute idea into 15 minutes.
  4. Treatment - that is a meta-description that tells what you are trying to convey in the section. This will help to clarify and improve your wording - especially if others are co-editing with you. By examining the Treatment - you can assess whether your word choice is the best way to express what you want to say.