Village Maintenance Schedule

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Materials Production

  • Gravel and rock for aluminum production, cement production, road base, foundation rock
  • Foundation rock squares - quarry work
  • Clay for CEB block, then stabilized, and for ceramics
  • Biomass for fungal soil food web plumbing (mycelium as water conduit)
  • Strawboard with endogenous lignin

Stock Production

  • 3" billet cast then hot rolled to 3" shaft - in aluminum, steel, and copper, zinc, stainless
  • TPU, TPO thermoplastic rubber stock with 80% recycle rate for tires, belts, other
    • Tire and track maintenance cost goes down to about 2% loss per year for 50 year tires, reprinted at end of life
    • About 100 tires and track pieces - 100 lb each. 5 tons of rubber stock. at 5 tons cost per 50 years,

Stock Available

  • Stock steel sections available - 3" round shaft
  • Aluminum - 3" round shaft.


  • 3" automatic feed multimachine for precision parts for engines, 3D printers, cars, aviation, and high pressure pumps and vacuum pumps
  • Basic Heavy Metal Workshop
  • Wood shop.