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Software to manage the resources of a village in a cyclical closed-loop system.

Village resources are defined as:

  • Water
  • Food
  • Energy

Village resources are provides by village components, primarily:

  • Houses
  • Shared Infrastructure

Each individual house in the village can be thought of as a sub-component to the overall system with resources managed by House Resource Management Software.

Shared infrastructure components would vary from village-to-village based on unique needs, desires, and interests, but may consist of:

  • Electrical vehicles and / or charging station
  • A "common house", community spaces, or community center
  • Centralized village power and electrical grid (may feed into wider municipal grid)
  • Plumbing and waste-water treatment center (performed ecologically using centralized bio-gas digestion)


  • Assist in village planning
  • Allow village simulation
  • Assist in automation of resource management to free-up human time
  • Assist in village improvements, resource attainment efficiency, policy, and decision-making.
  • Applicable to existing eco-villages such as Dancing Rabbit Eco-Village


The following principles should be observed the system and guide overall design and decision making.

Each principle is not mutually exclusive, and may tie into other principles.

  • Universal
    • Applicable to any geographic location or unique bio-regions
  • Accessible
    • Available to any person regardless of disability: deaf, blind, vision or hearing impaired, amputee.
  • Low Cost
    • Whenever possible, financial cost to individuals should be minimized.
  • Global
    • Applicable to any person, culture, or language in the world.
  • Open Source
    • The code should be freely available and observe the four freedoms of open-source software.