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Wed Sep 2, 2020

  • Pactive - [1]
  • Joe Justice - recruiting.
  • Literary people - land and nature. New people - machines.
  • Penta - encapsulates all wrong in industrial civ. Penta.
  • Honeycomb polypropylene. Massively reduce number of chemicals. Glass, polypropylene, stainless steel.
  • Ex - honeycomb panels.
  • Every time housing becomes cheap, new regs are created to make it expensive. Ex - green belts - can't build.
  • Hierarchical tax collection licensing.
  • Interior wall-sound deadening will be important.
  • Shed 30-40 dB of sound insulation. Everyone wants this for a bedroom.
  • Recording studio - sound minimization issues required
  • Interior walls - staggered studs - and nail has a rubber washer. Under where the nail goes. Between sheet rock and stud.
  • Perceived size of house - sound proofing. Psychologically, if you can hear, the people are still there.
  • Movable sun shades - 1 kw/m2 - cool in summer, hot in winter.
  • Stick house 2x4 is always a mess.
  • Habitat would be another group to pitch to. Low cost housing design.
  • Rubicon - ex military adjunct to red cross.
  • Survivalist world is a good client -
  • Frank lloyd wright - expandable house for returning vets.
  • Nothing is an easy sale.
  • Portland, Madison, Austin.
  • There is urgency because of forthcoming housing crisis
  • Architect has a soft skill set on managing relationships - so think about teaching architects.
  • Rapid shallow enthusiasm - that's unfortunately our audience.
  • Ruttger - dutchchain - odyssey - climate focus. Dutch Royal Family supports him. 3rd or 4th in line, King's bro, business school guy. Entrepreneurial stuff, ecosystem stuff. Solopreneur but connected.
  • Seed Home 2 Planning

Thu Aug 20, 2020

  • 38:28 - open source guillotine. Guarantee front page of Boing-Boing for 3 months.

Consultant, cultural creator, and founder of the Hexayurt project.