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Over the last few days, I’ve been sharing some excellent training videos from my coach, mentor and friend Eben Pagan on how the coaching industry works, how you can get trained as a coach, and some of the keys to making your (part-time or full-time) coaching business successful.

If you’ve enjoyed learning from Eben so far, here’s the next step…

The Virtual Coach 90 Day Training And Certification Program

And today is the very LAST day you can join.

Here is a summary of the reasons why you should strongly consider becoming a virtual coach and joining me in taking the Virtual Coach training…

Coaching is a rapidly growing multi-billion dollar industry. Right now, there is 1 coach for every 80,000 potential clients. And according to the International Coach Federation (ICF), the average hourly salary for a coach is $214 per hour. Most work part-time and create a lifestyle focused business. Now is the best time for you to join them, and you can see how when you watch this video.

Coaching is The Ultimate Lifestyle Business - you can work from your laptop — anywhere in the world — work relatively few hours, and still make a great living. Whether you want to have the freedom to spend more time with friends and family (or even become a digital nomad), coaching is a great way to create your ultimate lifestyle. Let’s say you charge $100 per hour (which is way lower than ICF’s average), and you work with a handful of clients for 10 hours per week… You will make $4,000 in a month!

Coaching is a “super-skill” - it’s one of the few skills you can learn that actually becomes more valuable with time (i.e. it’s future-proof). It synergizes everything else you’ve learned about leadership and personal development, deepens that knowledge and makes it more useful for the people around you.

The Virtual Coach shows you how to get clients to grow and market your coaching business and make it successful, long-term. As well as being a world-class teacher, trainer and coach, Eben is one of the smartest, most successful online marketers in the world. In fact, his businesses have generated over a million paying customers. (Not a million dollars or a million subscribers… a million actual paying clients). The bonus programs he’s including on how to grow your business online are worth much, much more than the investment for The Virtual Coach (not to mention my bonus below...). [I know this for a fact, because I’ve studied his programs and used that knowledge to grow my own business to where it is today.]

Coaching really makes a difference in people’s lives. As soon as you start coaching, you’ll see how fun and easy it is. You get to do work that you love and are passionate about, while making a real impact in people’s lives. I get emails from people all over the world thanking me for my coaching. Some of them worked with me 1-to-1 or in small groups - others were in my online coaching programs.

Coaching is the #1 way to do ‘market research’ and develop incredibly powerful online courses that virtually sell themselves, because you’ll know exactly what’s on your customer’s mind and what they need to hear to transform. All my online courses and coaching programs were carefully developed after coaching people 1-to-1 first.

The Virtual Coach gets you trained up in just 90 Days - Eben uses accelerated learning models to condense all of your coach-training down to just 90 Days. 90 days from now, you’ll have everything you need to be a professional coach and launch your coaching business (which is probably one of the most exciting ways to kickstart 2020!) If you want to learn and master the skill of coaching, so you can start changing people’s lives through your knowledge and experience, then now’s the time to get started.

The Virtual Coach classes start next Monday, so the deadline to sign up is today.

Watch this video for more details, then join The Virtual Coach:

The Virtual Coach: 90 Day Training & Certification Program

Best, Michael

P.S. If you decide to join The Virtual Coach, I’m going to sweeten the pot with a special bonus:

BONUS #1: Blockbuster Bootcamp (Value: $1,995)

This is one of my most valuable trainings and is the perfect complement to The Virtual Coach, because it will teach you how to get a flood of views and warm leads for your coaching business… without ever having to pick up the phone or cold email.

In this 2-day live virtual bootcamp, you’ll discover…

The real reason why 80% of articles only get 4 shares or less (this is the #1 attention-killing mistake that most coaches make, no matter how well-written their articles are, or how genius their ideas are)

The million-dollar writing skill that you can learn in 5 hours… that you can use this for any marketing campaign and immediately 5-10x the results (we will even give you some of our best formulas and templates, so that you can copy and paste)

Our step-by-step “virality factory” that has created articles with tens of millions of views in Forbes, Fortune, TIME and other top publications (we developed this over the last six years by consulting top writers and marketers in the world, and doing over 3,700 paid ad tests) With this bonus worth $1,995, you’re closer to becoming a successful coach than most people would. Join here to get The Virtual Coach, along with my $1,995 bonus:

Click Here To Become A Virtual Coach & Get My $1,995 Bonus Included