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You can run virtual machines with any operating system. However, you still have to acquire that operating system. So Windows via VirtualBox is not available to OSE. [1]. However, you can download a free 90 day trial Windows virtual machine - see Lifehacker [2]

However, you can use Wine to run Windows programs without having Windows OS installed.

See more about Wine vs VirtualBox - [3]

Using Virtualbox

  • Download and install Virtualbox
  • Set up a virtual machine. To do that, you will need to download an ISO of an operating system of interest, such as [4]
  • Questionmark.pngMake a live bootable disk. Run it in Virtualbox?

Notes on Linux Min

AMD-V are disables in bion on Aorus B450 motherboard, so would need to go into bios and turn on the settings.