Vortex Biofilter Assembly

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Description- This is a composite technology of two traditional filtration technologies. A vortex filter is used to isolate solid wastes produced from various sources, mostly solid waste products of aquatic animals, and concentrating it for use in other processes, most notably compost teas production. A biofilter takes biologically unavailable dissolved forms of nitrogen and phosphorus and converts it to more bioavailable forms while synergistically culturing microbial innoculants beneficial to the entire aquaponics system.


Low flow rate water enters the barrel with angular momentum and causes the solid materials to precipitate to the bottom of the tank where it can be extracted. Unfixed nitrogen and phosphorus are made bioavailable by microbes in the biofilter. The final filter step can be used to make potable water fit for human consumption.

Design Rationale

This device allows for a larger amount of fish to be cultivated and creates another material stream of nutrients to be utilized elsewere.


Fish waste-laden water, gray water


Water with no solid wastes, concentrated fish feces, and potable water.


(Work in progress) 55 gallon abs barrels(4) or CEB cisterns, ABS piping, Coconut Muir, Pea gravel, Sand, biological cultures, Biochar.

Design Documentation

Settling tank, Vortex tank, Coconut Coir biofilter tank, Graded filtration tank.

Flow Chart

CAD Files

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