Water Harvesting from the Air

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The basic idea is to use a scoop to pressurize air, run it through a chilled turbine, (reducing pressure) then collect water on some condensing plates. When conditions are close to the dew point this should work. The patent does not seem to have been commercialized in Australia. There is some work on dew harvesting plastic or metal plates that intercept dew laden wind.

Some of these designs could be finished as show pieces or functional art. We are thinking of setting up some dew harvesting sheets for a Arts for Earth installation at the WAV artist apartments here in Ventura. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTXT-r6l5kI&feature=share

We know that we can grow water - that trees change the weather. This technology would seem to be a transition device to kick start the hydrological cycle in challenging and marginal landscapes. It can also produce quality water for drinking in dry areas and in disaster zones. I am also going to build a solar still so that we can use brackish ground water for drinking in emergency situations.

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