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These are International Bulk Containers. 250 gallon up to 330 gallon. Can be stacked 2 high when full - 330 Gallon Tote


  • 60C - [1]. Yes, 140F. Storage with 24000 BTU comparison - 30C difference for 16 totes (16000 l) is 560 kWhr. Heat pump for 1400 sf is 24000 BTU or 7 kW. This is 80 hours of storage!!! Do it.
  • 160F max temp. [2]
  • 140 F max fill temp on this one- [3]
  • Max fill temperature - [4] - is that continuous or only for filling?
  • Check.png140F [5]
  • Dimensions see [6]
  • Permeation of hydrogen through HDPE - [7]
  • 20 lb propane tank - 4 gal of propane = 3 gge. Thus, 1.3 gge hydrogen is almost half a propane tank.
  • $100/tote easy used. $400/new.
  • Honda 1000EU gives 1kwhr for a quart of gas.
  • Tesla PowerWall is 14kWhr at $14k installed [8]
  • IBC totes for hydrogen yield

Energy Storage

  • From 80F to 140F, we have 60F, so using Water Heating Calculator - we get 37 kWhr stored per tote. 24000 BTU is 7 kWhr. 37 kWhr gets us 5 hours of heat storage. Thus, 5 IBC Totes are sufficient to store heat for a house for 1 day.
  • Thus, we store 5 hours of a heat pump's thermal output in a single IBC tote! This is very much practical for thermal storage in winter.
  • We would need 5 totes to store heat for one day, 10 totes for 2 days' worth. This appears to be a practical option.
  • However, standard heat pumps output 92F heat. Thus, a different working fluid would need to be used to achieve a higher temperature, such as Sanco heat pumps which work on CO2 as the refrigerant, which is readily available. See Hot Water Heat Pump - the Arctic Heat Pump there is a ready solution for air-to-water heating and cooling at $6k for a system today, big enough for a 3000 sf house.
  • Another solution is to use PV to heat via resistive heating, which is 3x more inefficient. We would need a minimum of 16 hours heat per day, or 112 kWhr. Assuming only 6 hours of light in the winter, this would need a 19kW PV panel system. Not good. Or, a wind turbine.
  • Summary: invest $6k in the Arctic Heat Pump and have ample storage of heat or cool, with the crawlspace of SEH 2000 filled with 25 totes and water for cooling and heating, so even if you have no sun in the winter (or summer) for 5 days you have full heating and cooling from the 12kW PV system! Additional overall investment is $3k solar + $2.5k totes + $4k added heat pump = $9.5k

Hydrogen Storage

  • 8 totes, 2 high - 250 gal ea - give 16 cubic meters of storage. 12 cubic meters per GGE. Thus, 1.3 gge and Honda EU1000 equivalent of 5kWhr.
  • Space requirement is a Power House of 16'x16' - considering interior overflow space. Could be part of Utility House with aquaponics.
  • 10kWhr from a 16x16 house module with firewall.
  • 1/2l min hydrogen producer. 33 hours per cubic meter - 17 days per kg.
  • Clearly production rate must increase - which is fine - as the generator is a tiny one at 150W of power. We need a kg/day - or a generator of about 2.4 kW. Which is quite sizeable: gets into real power electronics on a home scale, comparable in complexity to a heat pump.