Hot Water Heat Pump

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  • R410a - Arctic heat pumps - air to water - 48000 BTU only $6k - [1]. Check.png60k BTU $6k [2]
  • Check.pngCO2 based thus eco - R744 - but just for heating and not cooling - [3]
  • 15000 BTU - 65C max - [4]. $3500 for the heat pump outdoor unit only [5], $5400 for system [6]. Outdoor unit already has water heat exchanger, so that's all we need. 1700W usage! One 6kW inverter runs 3 of these.
  • Rheem Performance Platinum - has heat pump only mode, heat pump is only 4200BTU. [7] (1.2kW heat pump + 4500 electric element)
  • Accelera, $3k, only 1800W heat pump output [8]
  • Ruud - 4200 BTU compressor = $1664. If get 6 of these, that is $10k. [9]


  • 20 gph recovery to 145F - [10], claims 5x more efficiency than resistance heater.

The Promise

IBC totes in a crawlspace of SEH 2000 with a 12kW PV system and a $6000 off the shelf heat pump get us to full winter and summer heating/cooling with storage for 20 days if sun doesn't shine. Buffett Jones loved this when I told him this evolution, we should be able to implement this in one of our next 10 builds while coming out at a $100k SEH 2000 materials cost. Zero CO2 because it's PV power. Details at IBC Tote#Calculations, where cost is $9.5k for a 25 tote (5 day) system.

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