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Conference Call related to the Website


1. Opensourceecology.org

  • GVCS tools page - timeline
    • Font Correction -
    • 49 tools left
    • - timeline
    • SSH FFT, edit HTML
  • Elifarley - Zip the entire ose site, and make it available - icons come from openfarmtech.org
    • Marcin - send the instructions to that person
    • Experiment - is 20kb acceptable - tweak JPG quality, size, compression (lower quality), and pixel size, PNG-lossless compression- can tweak how much effort it will take - if you take more time to figure out compression (compression level - lossless - so lose file size but not quality), change image size only
    • Use images as they are - determine if they are acceptable in load time
  • Marcin will get someone to upload the 50 icons by giving them the 50 urls for transfer
  • Elifarley - will document uploading images into mediawiki, for ability to make thumbs, at Instructions

2. eApps - paid for;

  • Move things over by one week - 24th
  • Install Joomla

3. CiviCRM -

4. Pogostick or BitTorrent server

  • Elifarley finds about Bit-Torrent client

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