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Record ALL IDs, Passwords, and PINs! As well as all similar-type private information! You will be glad you recorded it in an accessible place instead of having to contact support!

Get a Domain Name

Get a .com domain name

Uncertified is fine

Standard registration is fine

No website email is fine

No website and hosting is fine

Get 1-year registration

Public registration is fine

Get Website Hosting

Single domain is fine

Make monthly payments

Avoid security and feature add-ons

Point your Domain Name Service to your Website Hosting Provider

Go to your Domain Name Registrar's domain management section (ex. domains>domain management).

Check the domain name you want to manage. Then set your custom nameservers.

Your website hosting provider should have given you the name of the nameservers, either in an email or provided somewhere in your website hosting control panel. (ex. Hostgator provides 2 nameservers). Copy and paste those nameservers into the boxes. Click Okay.

You will have to wait a while for your domain name to be set to your new custom nameservers.

Setting Up your Hosted Website

Your Website Hosting Provider should email you login information and a link to access your control panel. Record this information. Go to that link and login.

Use the software that your web hoster provides (ex. QuickInstall from HostGator) to install WordPress on your website under the main url (ex.

Working with your Website

If you want to sell things using your website, you can download+install software for that. A good example would be the Jigoshop plugin for Wordpress.

Get a CAPTCHA plugin to block spam comments and fake user registrations.

Google Doc Embedder

Google Doc Embedder

Get a domain name

Connect your domain name to github servers


How to Create a Single Page Website: Vertical Scrolling

Webpage Templates

Vertical or Horizontal Scrolling

Example Website Information