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Formal Design Process

  • Scope, functions accomplished. Allows process to be outsourced or done in house.
  • Background: other projects, design guides, books, other projects.
  • Data collection - site specific data points, materials constraints, etc that need to be considered for design.
  • Scalability and cost/performance ratios. How to design for scalability., especially within a system like this.
  • requirements
  • Logistical and site/Project specific constraints
  • Goals and Roadmap - outlines what is in the future assuming this is to be time-bound
  • module breakdown
  • SEBD and Integration
  • Tech tree - after outline of systems and integration, need to evaluate choices. Best to develop them in parallel.
  • Available components and costs
  • Innovation + R&D Elements
  • ProductIzation
  • BOM
  • Build instructions
  • Build documentation
  • Data collection
  • Distributive Enterprise