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SUBJECT LINE: Welcome to the Open Source Ecology Development Team

This email will be your reference to key information and New Developer Orientation. Please star or archive this email.


You have passed the FreeCAD Test with a score of _________________. Please find your OSE FreeCAD Badge, you can add it to your LinkedIn page and Resume.

Welcome to the Open Source Ecology development team. We are very excited to have you aboard. As you know our vision here at Open Source Ecology is to build a new economy that is more innovative, efficient and democratic through open source collaboration and distributive enterprise. This is an ambitious and noble undertaking so congratulations and thanks for your time and energy.

START DATE Your official start date is the date of you posting your FreeCAD Test - which is _________________________. This marks the first day of your participation - for 12 weekly team meetings (90-day development cycles). We release a product at the end of every 90-day cycle. At the point of having completed 12 weeks - which would be on _________________________- you will have the option to continue. This assumes that you have completed your 120 hours - though you can complete a cycle sooner or later depending on how many hours you put in per week. After each completed cycle you will have a chance to participate in a Performance Development meeting with HR. The Performance Development Meeting is where we take an opportunity to learn from you how we could make the development process better - and how you could get more out of the process. If you have completed your weekly task assignments to a good degree through the development cycle, you will receive a star on your badge: a mark of having completed a full development cycle successfully.

TELL YOUR FRIENDS Please update your LinkedIn and Facebook page about being selected to the development team. Share the team’s accomplishments on social media as we reach milestones. Tell your friends and family what you are doing. It will take mass mobilization in order to successfully scale our organization and form it into the distributive enterprise of shared prosperity that we all envision.

PIONEERING It is both our privilege and our challenge to make the road by walking. As we test technologies and open development processes--and break them--and evolve our practices, we enjoy each other’s good humor, problem solving, and pioneering attitudes.

YOUR TO-DO LIST Your first assignment is to complete the reading and tasks in the New Developer Orientation.

Sincerely, Marcin Jakubowski Founder Open Source Ecology Jozef Mikler III Technical Community Developer