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Code for Wevolver is not open source. Will open source over time.

  1. Currently are opensourcing the versioning of projects. You can clone a project, and push back to original owner.

Revenue model -

  1. Selling components by linking to suppliers and services. Or sales from product shipping on the platform on the website. So not only assembly, but purchase as well. Transaction is in Wevolver. And be transparent about it. Also manufacturing services, such as 3D Hubs integration. Governance - Don't be Evil.
  2. Whitelabel - Open Space Agency - set up their platform
  3. Design and Engineering companies - private projects do a subscription fee. Not yet, but will implement on short term.

Main focus - onboarding open hardware project.

Opened first seed rount. 2 full time developers are on board right.

Ex, Hackberry XC - os prosthetic arm. Typically use OS for r&d, and commercial arm.

Build a whitelabel for OSE.

  • Cameron will help us document and make it appealing to a broad audience.
  • Tabby - connect to the project through Bram
  • Promotion - blog partners (contacts to blogs), press releases (different contacts that they reach out to), social media (instagram, FB, twitter) - https://www.instagram.com/wevolverapp/, https://twitter.com/WevolverApp. There is a lot of interaction on Instagram as opposed to Instagram. With Instagram - everyone hears it.
  • Ex. Interesting Engineering - low interactio on FB
  • Charter - https://www.wevolver.com/charter/ - you can download all content if you leave in .MD format.