What Open Collaboration Is and Isn't

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  • Common hardware tools
  • Tools must thus be open source
  • To be scalable, it must be modular
  • To work for everyone, it must be inclusive.
  • To be transformative - it must achieve that which is otherwise impossible with limited collaboration
  • OSHWA/OSI compliant
  • Distributive - ultimately in the Gini Coefficient
  • Next step in the evolution of capitalism and socialism
  • Intrinsically motivated
  • Inclusive - includes nature, people
  • Transparent - open to study and learning - unleashed learning so more can be learned in less time.

Is Not

  • Fake Open Source
  • Proprietary consortium, coop, Peer Production License
  • Collapsitarian - because a serious case for abundance can be made - otherwise what is the point of building a better future?
  • Crowdsourced Prioritization - typical public incentive challenges that privatize their results
  • Extrinsic motivation - the process must be wholesome