What You Do Is Who You Are

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Book on company culture by Ben Horowitz

What You Do Is Who You Are: How to Create Your Business Culture

  1. Create shocking rules - with clear why, reinforced daily
  2. Dress for success - whatever ,essage you need to produce. Clothing - message - culture
  3. Make ethics explicit. Give them attention.
  4. Stay in constant contact - Shaka Senghor story. Small, powerful, respected. Cohort. Communicate issues that are most pressing.
  5. Make decisions that demostrate priorities - Netflix by Hastings went from DVDs to internet, now is $150B.

OSE Review

  • MJ sez - I found the viewpoints in the book profound. They are from someone who is in the trenches. For OSE, culture is critical. As far back as 2011, culture was a big deal as the premise was changing society - see Team Culturing - our initial survey for team building. That fell by the wayside, as it turned out that open, collaborative culture is the main bottleneck in program scaling. True open collaboration is not easy to come by. Our current attempt in 2024, including the company culture aspect - is the Seed Eco-Home-related enteprise development, which combines the GVCS with a highly marketable product that develops and uses all the GVCS tools.