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Apprenticeship and Village to Reinvent the World

We are building the Tower of Wisdom. It's a multistory facility that reaches for the stars. We have house production, CEB production, concrete production, lumber production, 3D printing in plastic, 3D printing in steel. We make hydrogen and engines. We grow food, and make PV panels. We recycle everything to create a 100% closed loop material cycle: water, biomass, plasic, rock, metal, and ceramic. We make steel, machines, and even semiconductors.

We start with manual, move to CNC at 1/16", then to 10 microns of 3DP, then 1 micron in steel via Air Bearing Lathe.

I can't do this myself. This will require a team of superdiverse individuals. But also, it will require 1/2 personal development and 1/2 technological development.

Initially, I want you to build. As you get good, your value generation is so high that you shift from 100% learning to month 6, 100% work to month 12, and then 50% learning starting month 13. You finish with 25% work, 75% party time.