Why Choose the OSE 3D Printers?

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  1. Extruder with shortest drive-to-heatbreak distance in the industry. 28 mm. For anyone who understands what this means, this is very exciting and can be developed for higher performance in rubber.
  2. Lifetime design. Show any printer that lives more than 1-2 years, if the manufacturer goes out of business.I de-commissioned my brand name printer after the controller went out - not worth it for a $500 repair and hours of time lost if you do it yourself. On ours, t he deepest repair takes 15 minutes. This matters for anyone who is in production.
  3. Lowest unique part count in the world - this is why we can talk about Distributive Enterprise - training anyone to build this easily. Try that for a Lulzbot or Ultimaker or Prusa.
  4. Ships stock with Volcano instead of smaller heat block. This means 3x faster printing than most printers.
  5. Only Distributive Enterprise printer in the world.
  6. 30% energy savings from insulated heat bed. That is $100 per printer per year if you are in production.
  7. Fast heat bed. Heats up faster than most, about as long as to heat up extruder. That's more productivity in prototyping.
  8. Highest temp heat bed from any that I know. Ours is rated for 167C, if you need that.
  9. COTS design, Lifetime design, desing for easy build - this is huge value.
  10. Scalability. Making the printer larger is easy, so we can go up to Universal Axis based CNC mills.