Why Extreme?

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Why is the Extreme aspect - ie, the aspect of efficiency and effectiveness - important?

Any producer will tell you that you have to meet a certain efficiency, or production cost is too high and you go out of business.

Based in this concept, we are working to transform civilization.

What? That's right. Transform civilization from centralized industry, with its inherent inefficiency and fragility (see Diseconomy of Scale) - relies on a transition to circular economies. This is the Fab City concept, where cities produce everything they consume. Combining Fab Cities with Circular Economies results in resilient living economies.

A critical aspect of this is industrial productivity on a small scale. As technology improves, it's possible to do more on a smaller scale. The limit is that people regain their skills of integrated productivity. Long ago, people produced all that they needed in their community. The industrial revolution made it such that only remote factories would provide common goods. We envision that cities produce everything they consume - once again. That means there are more productive, capable individuals in communities.

This requires - essentially - that much smaller units of organization - meet and exceed the productivity of large enterprise.

We are showing that exactly this is possible. We have shown that industrial productivity can be achieved - on a small scale. This is possible via skill, and is assisted by digital fabrication. It goes into hyperspeed when many people can work in parallel on a much larger project - which is what we've shown with our swarm builds.