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Request: Please log your hours and put links on your log. So you can work collaboratively So someone studying your log can learn from your process. Please just enter the hours you're spending on this, including studying our materials. Challenge yourself to work openly - you can teach others by doing that.

What is the log for?

We track overall effort, such as this graph. This is useful information for future case studies on OSE. But for logging in general - logging allow you to get feedback and collaborate. Otherwise you are working solo. Great projects are not based on solo work - but on teamwork.

Would probably prefer not to do this. It's just extra stuff for me to think about. With respect to learning from it, I write really good docs for things like this and it won't be an issue. If people have questions I'd prefer they ask them so I can answer it and get it online on the wiki

Right. For the effort graph, the case should be clear - and you can do that in a couple seconds. Transparency allows collaboration, and it may not be obvious at first. For us, the use case for this is that once we get 24 STEAM Camp events going on at the same time - with about 500 people total - we can engage massive parallel design while keepting track of things via taxonomy of data structures. This means, for example, that we could design a new car in one day, as opposed to one month or more of time. This is what we are setting up. It starts with logging. I don't mean logging lengthy comments on what you ate for breakfast - just links to work product suffice. So if you are documenting properly, all you need to do is add a single hyperlink to your log for anything that you do. So <<1% overhead for doing this is well worth it. I think society will evolve to this as a general practice - but right now - nobody really gets it. Does this make sense? Help me understand what of this you see value in, and what you think is bs.