Why OSE Campus

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  • Model village with community. Bring your friends with you.
  • Clean energy. Solar as personal responsibility instead.of coal and nukes.
  • Regen ag. Full diet + imports
  • Closed loop on water.
  • Education on site - unschool
  • World class R&D and cultural/scientific dev on site. To participate, must learn collaborative design.
  • Build your own house.
  • Buy out at the bottom to pursue self-determination without bureaucracy
  • Lifelong learning and movement entrepreneurship
  • Welcome to anyone, with onboarding in 6 years.
  • $150k tuition to buy out at the bottom and live without baking others or destroying nature
  • 40-1000 acre 1 hour from city
  • Hydrogen transition included. 3D printed tools and metal. Welder 3D printer.
  • Industrial gases via cryo tech
  • Hydraulic pumps and cylinders
  • Biohydraulic or water drive.
  • PV manufacture
  • Core of work is movement entrepreneurship, where dis-balance is minimized in the Extreme Learning phase by virtue of access to open knowhow and technology - modular construction sets for everything.
  • Case for positive Psychology, art of the possible, abundance mindset where we take on BHAGs
  • Freeloader dilemma addressed by opportunity to learn any trade, from Integrated Human to movement entrepreneur by a 6 year commitment at the PhD level, hacking human development to the max