WiFi Calling

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  • Tracfone card issues - phone plan died - no cell serice
  • Problem - unknowen
  • Solution: go into Settings -> System -> Advanced -> Reset Options -> Reset Wifi/Mobile/Bluetooths while checking box for Erase Downloaded SIMs.
    • IN our case did not work
  • Solution 2: turn off phone, remove SIM Card, leave it off for a couple minutes with phone off, reinsert SIM Card, turn phone on, and turn off Mobile Data (so you are not using mobile data unwittingsly.
    • Swipe down, down again, swipe left, and Mobile Data should be turned off.
  • You should be good to go.
  • But, make WiFi calls - not through data [1]
    • On Pixel 2XL, option is Prefer -> Wifi and Data. It does not have an option for wifi only. It does have option for carrier only.
    • To fix this - go to phone itself (ie, the cell phone app) -> menu -> settings-> select Calls -> Wifi Calling. On my phone plan, WiFi Calling happens to be disabled.
  • Wifi calling - turn it on. Sometimes there are problems with it - see [2]. If your cell phone provider disallows it - you can hack it... Go into Airplane mode. Then turn on your wifi. Connect to network. That's it!