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HintLightbulb.png Hint: This page under heavy edit. See Wiki Cheatsheet for wiki editing cheatsheet.

General Introduction

Our 101 Pages are growing repositories of how-to's and modules based on our developing usage of these tools. In the future they may evolve into full courses with associated badges. Note for editors: at first, we might use this as a repository of links, but the goal is to increase usability by consolidating and assimilating help resources into a single page (so that a user does not need to open 1/2 dozen links to find a solution).

For now this 101 covers how-to's for creating a basic log for the Developer Test, setting up your log during the New Developer Orientation, and other tasks, and lastly, helpful links.

How to Make a Work Log for the Developer Test

For the Developer Test the applicant learns the basics of MediaWiki to create and name a Work Log, add one entry, upload a file, and embed a YouTube video. The following guide and upcoming video will walk you through these steps. (Insert <2 min Video)

  1. Get an account by clicking "Request Account" in the upper right hand corner of the wiki
  2. Create a wiki page with the title Your First Name + Log. For example, Marcin Log.
  3. Add a date to the top of your log, see Marcin Log for date format.
  4. Embed your YouTube video on your log so all of your work appears on your log - the one place where anyone can find whatever you have done on the project. Remember that in a large collaborative project, if someone can't find your work, your work effectively does not exist.

How to Complete Onboarding: Format Log and Add Bio

  1. Post your badge
  2. Add Links

Help Links

Please review the following Wiki reference material.

Example Log is the log created in the tutorial videos, and to help keep logs consistent and easy to navigate, this is the format you should use. Notice that after the header, the latest is on top so that someone looking at your page can see your most recent work immediately. Note also that the date format for each entry uses the three letter weekday, three letter month, day, and four digit year, and any times use 24 hour time and note your timezone. Create a headline for the date like I am doing now by either bracketing your date in double equals signs or click this uppercase 'A' icon above the text entry box, which will create a level 2 headline.

(Publish early & often. Always link / embed files, even if you're not done. Put your newest work on top. Style-wise, keep it short and sweet like post-it notes on progress.) Review Best Practices for Logs.

Add links

Link to the following top of your log (for quick reference): Wiki Formatting Help if you might need it. Add the Timesheet link. This is how we submit time sheets every Monday. Add the Google Hangouts link. This is where we meet. Add the D3D for the general 3D printer project overview. Add the Development Team Log. This is where we keep all our working files and link our captured meeting videos (if you happen to miss one). Add your teammates' logs. At the first meeting you will be assigned to a team. Once you find out, refer to the Developer’s Page to find the links to their logs, and link to them on top of your page. Add the OSE Network. This is our official discussion thread.

Post a public email address for yourself

Insert a picture

Post your badge at the top of your log.

Uploading files (upload a picture of yourself?)

Version History understanding- uploading files over an existing files, be bold in changing things we can always revert