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Embed Google Sheet as EDITABLE from WIKI Page

Embed Editable Google Doc + add "&rm=minimal" to the query string to remove tool bars and login info.

Insert Carousel Gallery from Google Photos Album

Log CSS and Formatting

/* Hide all TOC items below level 1 */
.toclevel-1>ul {
  display: none;
  overflow: hidden;
/* This shows only the contents of the first TOC list.  i.e. only the most current month, Allows for automatic rollup of prior months at start of new month.
TODO: add hover or "show" button on all months after first for easy finding of specific day*/
.tocsection-1>ul {
  display: block; !important
  overflow: hidden;

<!-- Put TOC into div and float it to the right side of screen -->
<div class="toclimit-3" style="float:right;">__TOC__</div>

<!-- Put Time Log into div and float it to the right side of screen, clear all items floated to right -->
<div style="float:right; clear:right;"><h3>Time Log</h3><iframe width="400" height="395" src=""></iframe></div>