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  • Pages are named as they appear in the URL. A page is called an 'Article'. When we ask 'is it on the wiki' - we mean if you use that name - does a corresponding article or entry exist?
  • The page name appears after the /wiki/ in the URL
  • When article has multiple words, capitalize all the words like you would a title of a book. This allows one to differentiate words from wiki words.
  • Wiki words is another name for a page name.
  • If a wiki page already exists, add to that page. If you insist on using that name, just differentiate the name by adding 2, such as John 2.
  • Can 2 people edit a page at the same time? No. How do multiple people work on the same page? They can edit sections.
  • A new section is started with the = sign. When a new section is added, an edit appears next to it.
  • If you click edit at the very top of the wiki, you will be editing the entire wiki page, but if you click edit next to a section you will be editing only that section.


  • Start a work log named Yourname Log. If it exists, start a page Yourfirstname Yourlastname Log.
  • What is the name of this page?
  • What really do you do if you have an edit conflict?
  • Add 2 sections to your log, and edit only one section. Then edit the entire page. What is the difference?