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Mon Aug 29, 2016

From people?

Hi Marcin,

It'd be a pleasure to help you install Wikifab templates on OSE wiki.

It's possible to install our templates on top of an existing wiki and for you not to lose the existing content (of course).

However, the design of your wiki will change a little bit: the styles of header and footer will look like ours (but the links can be changed) user profil pages will also look like ours (it means that all your users will have to log in again to update their profile. The existing user pages will be lost) all your existing pages will remains, but the style will be a little bit different: for example this page will look like this one (you will lose the left sidebar and the title font will be a little bit different). However, your homepage won't necessary look like ours. You will be able to keep yours and put the "Explore" page somewhere else. Appart from that, your wiki will remain the same and you will be able to enjoy Wikifab templates and tutorials forms.

Preferred option: We suggest that you do the install yourself following this tutorial (avoiding step 1 and 2 since you already have a Mediawiki instance). You will, however, have to upgrade your mediawiki to the latest version.

We advise you to backup your wiki before and we can set up a call with your IT team to answer any questions.

Option 2: we do it for you. (Assuming that you have a staging environment that you can share with us so that we can work without worrying about breaking the live site).

However, working on external wikis is not something we want to do (indeed, it can be time-consuming for us to learn how your infrastructure works). But since we share the same values and a common goal, it make sense to spend time on your wiki and create a partnership.

Option 3: we set up a new wiki for you and we host it for you. In this scenario, we will ask for a small fee (just to cover the hosting cost). If we do that, we can look how to import the content (pages, users, history) from your existing wiki to the new one. So that you don't have to maintain the old one anymore.

Revenue model:

Our revenue model is described - - (it's a draft). If donations aren't sufficient after 2 years (we have 2-years secure personal investment in front of us), then we plan to sell services based on the Wikifab software to organizations who wants to use wikifab for their own documentation needs (services like hosting, maintenance, specific features, etc.) and on the understanding that the code will always remain 100% open-source.

Pricing will be more expensive if the organization have a protected content whereas it will be almost free for organization with open-source content that are synchronized with

We are available next week for a call. You can find me on skype (clement.flipo).

Looking forward to your feedback.