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Our policy is to communicate our work, progress, and process as much as possible to maximize collaborative potential by promoting the meaningful contribution of new and existing participants.

Thus, the wiki can be viewed by anybody. There is zero entry barrier to our information. This does not mean that anybody off the street has access to editing and organizational decision making - unless they demonstrate their capacity to do so.

OSE needs to post all information in some place, which can be seen by any observer, and which is searchable online. OSE also needs to make it possible for people to contribute to this information. Strategic information, enterprise planning, and other back-end issues should be transparent. They should be private only in the case that they compromise project integrity in some way. Otherwise, we believe that open organizational structure and process has an advantage in terms of promoting quicker and better development, compared to closed processes.

This does not mean that we invite spam. To control spam and to increase quality of content, there are policies in place.

We understand that a careful balance must be struck between allowing new people to contribute, and having an infrastructure available to support and promote such contribution. It is our goal at OSE to push the limits of this possibility, to tap the true power of collaborative development. Our problem statement in distributed development is how do we collect, organize, distill, and upgrade a large quantity of microcontent to make it useful, powerful, economically significant - and how do we then share this to improve the economic system? That is a big question that few people have really figured out how to do. Wikipedia has done well with this for collecting information. OSE aims to do the same with hardware development and its physical building - to bring about economic post-scarcity.