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Hi Marcin,

This email may come out of the blue, but if I were to say that OSEcology was one of the inspirations for me as co-founder of Wikifactory, it would be an understatement.

When we started, we were close to new open source communities like WikiHouse which brought us to look out to other organisations like OSEcology.

This was back in 2013-14, and since then we have kept committed to building a social platform for collaborative product development with the aim of enabling what github has done for open source software.

If you take a look at Wikifactory you will find these core collaboration features: project repositories with version controlled file hosting, a flexible documentation editor and an Issue tracker. You can take a look at this serious Multicolour clay 3d printer project by Tom Lauerman to see how he actively is using Projects on Wikifactory to manage iterations.

But since we launched and going down a process of co-creation with our community, we listened to their call for Forums too. And for good reason, it's clear that it is the missing cornerstone for communities in our toolkit. You can take a look at how the e-NABLE community has began to manage their community on Wikifactory.

I would personally love to explore how OSEcology could benefit from our infrastructure. It goes without saying that the infrastructure will always be free for open source hardware and design. In some cases we are also offering Wikifactory for free to open source communities as a Whitelabel (soon for, where an organisation can have a custom branded Wikifactory linked to their own website. I think this would make sense for your community as it strips Wikifactory branding and keeps people within your own web channels of engagement but connected to a global site. In

I hope the above perks your interest and that we get the chance to speak about this further. Like we have done for other inspiring communities like yours, I'd love to go down a co-creative process to understand what would it take for Wikifactory to be properly useful for your context.

Very much looking forward to hearing from you!


Christina Rebel Co-Founder of Wikifactory

China: +86 185 8325 8252 Spain: +34 651 195 282

Twitter: @wikifactory

Wechat: @christina_rebel