Will Cleaver Technical Skills

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-Technical Skills:

  • Video Editing: good level on Kdenlive, AVID and Sony Vegas.
  • CAD: decent; here are videos of my designs in SolidWorks 2011,Blender, Qcad.
  • MIG welding good level.
  • MMA welding needs practice but does the job.
  • Metal work good level: measuring, torching/cutting, grinding etc.
  • Carpentry good level.
  • Growing knowledge of Electronics: I did a course and am still studying.
  • Brick laying is ok: I did a course.

I've practised these skills at work over the years in the UK and 6 months at Factor e Farm.

I've not got much knowledge of food growing.

I can make an edible meal if edible the ingredients are available.

When I'm working for "The Man" I work 2 weeks in every month but I'd like to be able to work full time on open source projects.