Wind-Steam Hybrid Windmill

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Combination of wind and steam into the grinding business of Noury & Van der Lande (Netherlands), second half of the nineteenth century.

This invention addresses the intermittency problem of wind power. It is especially suitable for regions that have both high wind and biomass resources. The windmill generates mechanical power from wind. For times when there is no wind, a steam engine takes over until wind is again available. Electricity can also be generated, although this is not necessary. The wind/steam mill can pump a hydraulic fluid to drive various hydraulic implements. A grain mill is a good place for a biomass, because any kind of organic "waste" can be burned to make steam. One logical location is along waterways: for later transport of products and to provide water for the steam engine.

A triple combination (+ solar) is possible in areas with good solar resources. A heliostat array can then be used to generate steam for the steam engine.

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