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CM: Corners -

MJ: I see. This still requires that you finish the top bar j-channel properly around top corners, though the connection to the side j-channels is easier as there it just shingles into the next channel. However, then you have 8 unsightly cuts in the j-channel per window - does not look as good as just the corner joints. Do you think this would still look acceptable? Can you find any videos or pictures showing the finished product? I have never seen this before.

CM: I think we initially scrapped the idea because it might not look good. But for Savannah - since the windows we bought don't have j-channel - we're going to install the window trim over the j-channel, right? If so, this won't be visible at all. And on later projects we're using windows with j-channel, so this won't be necessary. Just a suggestion. You're in a better position to assess.


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