Wire Bending Machine

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  • A device into which semi rigid wire is fed, and is bent using servo motors to make it into various shapes
  • Can be used to make springs, wire frames, hooks, and other simple componets
  • Would Probably cost ~$50 using OTS servo motors (2 Small Servo Motors, a control circuit (arduino and a shield), and some 3d prin ted parts + various bolts etc
  • More complex versions could be made to make more complex designs, or be faster (Some industrial machines have very high speeds such as this one )
  • Can have 2 axis or 3

Industry Standards

Existing Open Source Designs

Jiri Praus Design

"How to Mechatronics" Design

Basic Design

Power Supply

Control Circuitry

  • Arduino
  • Servo Breakout Borad


  • 2x (For the most basic version) servo motors

3D Printed Parts

Misc Parts


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