Wood 3D Printing Filament

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  • Plastic FDM Filament with wood sawdust added in
  • Wood plastic composites are typically 50-50 mixtures - [1]
  • Can Be 3D Printed like Plastic, But Stained and Finished much like wood.



Practical ramifications:

  1. Add wood filament to filament making challenge - OSE Clubs
  2. Work with authors - collaborate and develop a viable filament for wood-plastic composites
  3. WikiHouse collaboration on 3D printed wood panels using the SuperVolcano nozzle at 20 lb per nozzle per day, with likely feasibility of 4-nozzle systems for 100 lb of material printed per day. This can be a game changer for DIY house building at low cost. Panel price reduction
    1. 3/4" plywood is 68 lb - so expect up to 4 panels equivalent produced per day with a 4-head printer.

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